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Cloud Hosted Services

High performance, secure, scalable and flexible cloud computing from Dragon HPC.

Dragon HPC’s Private is a flexible and secure managed solution for customers that want a true private cloud. Housed in our T4 data center, your private cloud lets you take advantage of virtualization benefits like elasticity, reduced provisioning costs, and the ability to rapidly scale resources while maintaining separation from other cloud customers. That means you get a single-tenant private cloud you can fill up with virtual resources on-demand.

Dragon HPC delivers fully built Virtual Servers and Desktops (VDI) on a monthly subscription basis.
Server configurations are fully customisable offering up to 128GB of RAM, up to 16 VCPU’s per virtual server and as much data storage as required. Using our Cisco based firewall and switching fabric we can cater for multiple VLANS and enterprise grade firewalling.
Dedicated physical servers and load balancers are available as part of our flexible service for more demanding server and VDI requirements.

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Linux – RHEL 5/6, CentOS 5/6, Suse Enterprise
Call us now on 01908 613080 to discuss your Cloud Hosting requirements.