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Remote Visualisation

Remote Visualisation:
Dragon HPC provides a totally Private 3D Technical Cloud for Technical Computing Users such as designers and engineers, delivering a rich end user experience.

Using the latest NVidia GRID GPU’s and the latest network optimised protocols for the delivery of 3D applications, Dragon HPC enables access to both Windows and Linux based virtual desktops and published applications with support for the latest versions of OpenGL and DirectX/3D. Dedicated and Shared GPU access for applications.

Remote Visualisation Platform Capability:

Optimised to provide 3D accelerated high performance virtualised environments for:

Benefits for Business include:

Dragon HPC’s has a unique service offering allows us to deliver remote visualisation from our T4 state of the art datacentre, alternatively we can rack, supply and integrate our platform within your datacentre for full peace of mind, whilst paying for the services on a subscription basis.

High Performance Computing Centres
Visualization and remote rendering is a critical to the productivity of HPC environments. High performance scientific and engineering problems generate very large data sets that need to be analysed and visualised, often interactively with computational jobs. However, advances in computational performance have outpaced capabilities in visualization tools and available solutions have been too expensive and/or limited in performance and scalability.
The Dragon HPC Remote Visualisation Platform can be easily integrated with most HPC Clusters to provide superior Remote Visualisation to customers.